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schacily's Journal

Relative Obsessions


Thirty-one year old kid with relative obsessions, unapologetic fandoms & unexpected mood swings :-) Astrological adviser-consultant and Wordpress webmaster. Appreciates beauty, intelligence and creativity. Runs like hell from aggressive stupidity. Fears being helpless & emotionless. Dose not like self righteous pricks. Justifies cockiness if it's backed up by intelligence & emotion. Thinks sex is overrated only if it's average. Is lazy. Loves to accessorize. Enjoys bubble baths, perfumes and high heels. Can't spend a day without music, internet & a phone. Complete coffee addict. Interested in Astrology, astro psychology, web design and internet.


*Gale Harold ♥♥* Gerard Butler ♥* Mario Cimarro ♥♥* Alex O'loughlin ♥* Ben Barnes ♥* Keanu Reeves ♥*

Tv Crushes: * Brian Kinney ♥♥* Aaron Hotchner ♥♥* Michael Samuel ♥* Michael Scofield ♥♥*

Fotty Crushes: * Francesco Totti ♥♥* Christian Chivu ♥* Philippe Mexes ♥*


Huge fan of *Queer As Folk* so if you have issues with naked men and guy subjects better not friend me. *Criminal Minds* is absolute Hotchner love ♥
* House MD* Prison Break * True Blood * Moonlight * La femme Nikita * Sex and the city * Nip/Tuck * CSI MIami * Law & Order CI * Bones * Torchwood * Numbers * CSI: MIami * CSI: NY* V 2009 * Legends of the Seeker * Cold Case * Stargate Universe * Stargate SG-1 * The Mentalist * Supernatural *Greys Anatomy * Flash Foward * Vampire Diaries * Three Rivers *

My footy fandom is As Roma & everything that involves Roma. Francesco Totti is huge love ♥


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